Compressed Air in the Automotive Industry

Compressed air is tightly integrated into the automotive industry and automobile manufacturing process. From obvious applications like tire inflation and painting to often overlooked processes like air operated tooling and robotic assembly, clean reliable compressed air is critical to the automotive industry. This is why major vehicle and component manufacturers rely on Midwest Air Parts to keep their plant compressed air on-line.

Spray Painting and Surface Preparation

Compressed air cleans and dries most metal and fiberglass components prior to painting. These procedures require 100% clean oil-free air at the point of use. Buying compressor and filtration parts from Midwest Air Parts will not only save you money and prevent costly quality control issues, but will keep your plant running so you can focus on what you do.

Robotic Operations

Most robotic operations are driven by compressed air. Clean dry air prevents your expensive assembly equipment from falling victim to corrosion or oil varnish. Recently, a major automotive component manufacturer turned to Midwest Air Parts to address oil and condensate build up in their compressed air system. With our expert guidance, the facility was able to remedy a previously persistent problem costing thousands of dollars in monthly downtime.

Air Operated Processes

Beyond robotics, often compressed air itself is often doing the work; impact drivers, conveyors and other tooling all require reliable compressed air to keep your plant running. When these systems have to shut down because of failures or long lead times, it can cost your plant tens of thousands of dollars. When years of neglected preventative maintenance caused an automotive facility to have a multi compressor failure, Midwest Air Parts was able to work around the clock to get their facility back on-line in a matter of hours with in stock preventative maintenance and repair parts. Not only did they save money on their compressor parts, but they saved on costly downtime for their plant.


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